Significant Figures For 23

Sig Figs
Scientific Notation
2.3 × 101

Rounded to Fewer SigFigs

1 20


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The following sig fig rules are used:

  • Addition (+) and subtraction (-) round by the least number of decimals.
  • Multiplication (* or ×) and division (/ or ÷) round by the least number of significant figures.
  • Logarithm (log, ln) uses the input's number of significant figures as the result's number of decimals.
  • Antilogarithm (n^x.y) uses the power's number of decimals (mantissa) as the result's number of significant figures.
  • Exponentiation (n^x) only rounds by the significant figures in the base.
  • To count trailing zeros, add a decimal point at the end (e.g. 1000.) or use scientific notation (e.g. 1.000 × 10^3 or 1.000e3).
  • Zeros have all their digits counted as significant (e.g. 0 = 1, 0.00 = 3).
  • Rounds when appropriate, after parentheses, and on the final step.

How To Perform Sig Fig Calculations

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